Prudence Kitsch is a Cross-Stitch Persona and Patriotic Feminist

Meet Prudence Kitsch a lady of yore and cross-stitch persona that dishes out politics and patriotism in a ladylike manner of course.

This particular cross-stitch pattern by Audrey of StitchByDrey definitely hit hard especially with all of the stories we’ve been hearing about recently. Prudence Kitsch is this character’s name and while she appears like a gentile lady of yesteryear, she isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind. She doesn’t always speak like a lady either!

Take a stroll through Audrey’s shop StitchByDrey or Instagram to see what else Prudence supports because she demands to be heard just like her creator. Via Twitter, Audrey says she began “…cross stitching just after the election because, as it turns out, it helps to stab something a few thousand times.”

She suggests changing colors of Prudence’s dress or skin tone as you like. I’d recommend Lord Libidan’s Find the Perfect Skin Tone chart if you need help.

This pattern is only $2! Proceeds go to support the Women for Afghan Women. Click the image below to purchase on Audrey’s Etsy shop.

Prudence Kitsch – Afghan Woman by StitchbyDrey an Etsy shop

Please see this list of Nonprofits Working to Help Women in Afghanistan.

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