Ort Container and Needleminder Blue Cookie Tin

Zane of GingerStitchAU makes a lot of great needleminders, but the Blue Cookie Tin takes the cake. I mean cookie.

The big blue cookie tin for Danish butter cookies often held nothing but disappointment for those of us when were little or even older. They were almost always in the house somewhere, but then we happened across it hoping in vain it actually held cookies and would peek inside. But nope. Sewing supplies. The blue tin of disappointment has been so common that it has become a meme. Take a look at this Reddit sub where the cookieless have come together to tell their tales of sorrow and what far away country they hail from.

But it’s Zane of GingerStitchAU that may bring a smile to our face with his little blue tin, for stitchers anyway. He has combined ort container and a needleminder into this tiny embodiment of cookies. I mean sewing supplies.

Zane’s shop is all the way over, or is it under, in Australia. With shipping costs and travel time, you might as well get all the needleminders from him like cats! He has teacup cats, DnD cats, witchy cats, cat butts, and even cat donuts. A couple of naughty ones that made me giggle and a lot of pop culture needleminders.

Or maybe the search goes on? You can always head to the top of Frogging News and select your favorite stitch hobby Cross-Stitch, Hand Embroidery, or Needlepoint. Then look for Needleminders under Accessories.

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