Nerdy Words Periodic Table of Elements Alphabet Cross-Stitch Pattern

Nerdy Words is a cross-stitch alphabet font from Kelly aka StitchnMomma and was inspired by the periodic table of elements.

Nerdy Words by StitchnMomma

I’d make a joke about the periodic table, but it’s really out of my element… Anyway, alphabet and font cross-stitch patterns are always in high demand but have had a definite rise in popularity the last year or two. This science-y pattern of Kelly’s might be her oldest font created back in the great year of 2013. That sure seems like a long time ago now doesn’t it. You can find more alphabets and fonts on her website, and she periodically adds new ones.

Details of the pattern:

  • PDF digital pattern
  • 20 stitches wide x 23 stitches high
  • symbol of the element with atomic number and atomic weight
  • includes elements 1-112, 114 and 116

Also included with the pattern is an extensive list of words like bacon or wine, so that you can make a complete piece. I also think it would be Co O L to stitch them individually and maybe turn them into magnets for the fridge.

Head to to purchase the pattern or follow Kelly on Instagram.

For more elements, you can always head to the top of Frogging News and from the main menu select Cross-Stitch. Then look for Shop Patterns.

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