A Framer Wish You Knew This Before Bringing in Your Needlepoint

Check out this needlepoint finishing tip from Paige of Frame & Fiber on YouTube.

I only just came across this professional framer and yarn shop owner, and I’m glad I did. Her name is Paige Miller owner of Frame & Fiber in New Jersey. She also has a YouTube channel under the same moniker. On her channel, Paige has some pro-tips for needlepoint and cross-stitchers and what the process looks like for framing your pieces. In this video, Paige talks about the selvedge edge of where needlepoint stitches has to meet the mat.

See below the video for links.

What a great resource! Follow Paige of Frame & Fiber on her YouTube channel or here:

If you get hung up on framing, you can always head to the main menu at the top of Frogging News and select Needlepoint. Then look for More Resources.

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