You’re Froggin Cute Mug

It is Wednesday my dudes. Let’s celebrate with this coffee cup: You’re Froggin Cute from VixenBiteArts on Etsy.

You’re Froggin Cute from VixenBiteArts on Etsy

Do you need any more coffee cups? Probably not. Do you need this cute frog mug? Yes, yes you do. They even have names! Meet Eep and Pip. It’s even… dishwasher safe. Now you definitely need it 😉

Just thought it was time again for Wednesday’s Frog to be something other than a pattern. Stitchers do have other needs anyway 🙂

10/10 would stitch this if it were a pattern tho 🐸

Wednesday’s Frog is about finding stitch happiness even if you have to rip out your work. Frogging is still stitching, so don’t let it get you down. Rippet!

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