US Patriotic Mermaid in Cross-Stitch from The Primitive Hare

Who else would design a cross-stitch patriotic USA mermaid but Isobel of The Primitive Hare.

I love the out-of-the-ordinary designs like this: a patriotic (US), primitive, mermaid cross-stitch pattern. Who even comes up with something like this? Oh that’s right. It’s from The Primitive Hare. Isobel is great with making these enchanting designs. She certainly also has your more normal fare. See below for the American Home Banner.

At this time, Isobel’s Etsy shop is taking a break to get ready for fall and winter, but Abby Topknot Stitcher carries The Primitive Hare in her web store and ships from the US. Abby also carries the Ancient Stones Linen that is the suggested fabric.

You can find Isobel of The Primitive Hare here:

For more mermaid inspiration, you can always swim up to the top of Frogging News and select Cross-Stitch from the main menu. Then look for Shop Patterns or go where the tide may take you.

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