Lark Rising Embroidery’s Most Popular Pattern and Kit

Lauren of Lark Rising Embroidery said this Mini Meadow remains the most popular embroidery pattern and kit in her shop.

Embroidery, weaving, and punch needle are what Lark Rising Embroidery is made of 😉 , but it’s her most popular pattern that we’re talking about in this post. I follow Lauren on Instagram, as one should, and she shared this Mini Meadow embroidery piece. Lauren mentioned this pleasing nature scene is her most purchased pattern and kit in her Etsy shop. I love it when designers share little bits like this. I think it’s helpful for when folx can’t decide what they want to stitch.

New to embroidery? Lauren has you covered because she’s also a fiber arts teacher and has been featured in magazines and also has a book out. Check out her website where she has stitch tutorials and embroidery essentials.

Head over to Etsy shop: Lark Rising Embroidery to purchase Mini Meadow Embroidery Kit

Want to find more meadow to frolic in? You can always head to the top of Frogging News and select Hand Embroidery from the main menu. Shop Embroidery Kits or frolic where you will.

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