Hand Embroidery Patterns and Tutorials by Three Inches

Eric of Three Inches Hand Embroidery sells patterns on Etsy with those same tutorials on YouTube.

Hand Embroidery PDF Pattern & Tutorial | The Dodo Island

Three Inches Hand Embroidery is so named because, well, Eric works with three inch hoops. His hoop art is modern and unique especially the Biatch Faces. I can’t even. There is lots of color and raised surface stitching creating lots of dimension with clouds, cotton flora, and landscapes like this farm.

Not only does Eric have video tutorials to match the patterns, he also has an Embroidery 101 series. On his YouTube channel, Eric goes over tools and supplies, basic stitches, the art of outline stitches, how to back a hoop, and more. Make to check out his channel linked below!

The links:

It’s hard to beat that but if you’re still looking for more, head to the top of Frogging News and select Hand Embroidery from the main menu. Then look for patterns or guides (tutorials).

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