Stitchable Ort Tray as Seen in Just CrossStitch

Just CrossStitch magazine has a couple of small designs that fit these stitchable ort trays from SewingTurtleBoutique.

Stitchable Ort Tray/Snap Tray by SewingTurtleBoutique on Etsy

It’s almost like cross-stitchers will stitch on anything! Lol, yes. Yes we will. I first saw this cute little tray in the Just CrossStitch magazine with the floral design. See below. Then they came out with the a Halloween design from the special edition. And it looks like Etsy shop SewingTurtleBoutique is the only one to carry them!

Details from the Etsy description:

  • Inside bottom of the tray measures 4 3/4” x 4 3/4”
  • 14-count tan vinyl cross stitch material on the inside
  • Accented with a choice of black, red, orange, green or purple thread and matching snaps

Patience Gray the owner of SewingTurtleBoutique also has some finished ort trays as well that are Star Wars and tabletop RPG themed. Make sure to check out her Etsy shop for more fun items.

Where to find it all:

Just CrossStitch Halloween 2021

Still need more stuff to stitch on? You can always head up to the top of Frogging News and select Cross-Stitch from the main menu. From there, choose Accessories.

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