Moth and Butterfly Embroidery Kits from Rabbit Hat Designs

Beth of Rabbit Hat Designs focuses her embroidery art on nature and has 11 moth and butterfly kits to choose from in her Etsy shop.

Pipevine Swallowtail Butterfly DIY Embroidery Kit by RabbithatdesignsShop

Moths, butterflies and ok there’s also a bee. That’s what you’ll find in Beth’s shop at Rabbit Hat Designs. She certainly has many other patterns about creatures, but I thought I’d focus on her insect kits today especially since there has been a huge rise in popularity of insect designs. Beth has 11 such embroidery kits in her shop including that one bee. She also has beautiful packaging and includes colored instruction booklets.

Beth is an embroiderer, artist, and illustrator. On the About page on her website, Beth says she loves to do nature-inspired designs and believes “…in the soothingness of embroidery and the power of making. My background is in art therapy and I love learning about the symbolism of creatures and nature all around us.”

With her eye as an illustrator, Beth might be more known around the interwebs for her macro embroidery. In the embedded Instagram post below, she shows us a 23 inch design. Don’t worry about the embroidery kits tho! They are either 4 or 5 inches 😉

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