Needlepoint Project Bags from Fiber Pharm

Hashtag notcrossstitch because these projects are from the needlepoint shop Fiber Pharm.

No cross-stitch it’s not always about you 😉 This collection of projects bags with various needlepoint quotes like “top secret” lol, are for sale on Fiber Pharm’s website. There are currently eight that you see in the embedded Instagram post. The bags are all approximately 9 by 13 inches and go for $10.

Fiber Pharm is a new shop that came online earlier this year. It is a mother-daughter cooperative that specializes in finding the perfect fibers for your canvas. See their About Us page for more about this charming shop.

Do you find it yet? If not, you can always head to the top of Frogging News Blogazine and select Needlepoint from the main menu and browse until you find what you’re looking for.

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