Hand Embroidery Sampler Kit on Linen by The Stitchery

Reveal in the delicate beauty of this hand embroidery sampler by Nicki of The Stitchery.

Embroidery Sampler Anniversary Kit by The Stitchery on Etsy

With the delicate linen and muted embroidery floss palette, it seems easy to get lost in a dreamy world of fibers and stitching bliss with this lovely sampler. The running stitch outlines a space to be filled in and takes away the fuss of deciding where each stitch should go. Even the beautiful photography pulls us in with its light shadows and hazy edges.

Nicki of The Stitchery says this was originally an anniversary kit launched to celebrate the first year for The Stitchery in limited quantity because they like to use vintage linen. Apparently this design is in high demand, so Nicki re-released it with new linen. The sampler includes all of the stitches they used in the first year of The Stitchery in business. There is also room to your name and date at the bottom. To be clear, this kit only includes the linen and threads. Oh and they are based in the UK, so expect some shipping charges.

The Stitchery also has many more linen kits and other items either on their website nickifranklin.com or Etsy. Check out more links for Nicki of The Stitchery:

For more fiber dreams, you can always head to the top of Frogging News and select Hand Embroidery from the main menu. Select Shop Kits under Patterns or simply wander.

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