Handmade Vintage Fabric Magnetic Needleminders by StitchSprout

What a lovely idea of turning vintage fabric into needleminders. See the selection of prints Elle of StitchSprout has in her Etsy shop.

Handmade Vintage Fabric Needleminders by StitchSprout an Etsy shop

What wonderful things there are to found in the needlework world. Our designers are always up to something to shake things up and give us something new or old! That’s why I love having a blog like this. There’s always this sense of discovery. Not only I was I delighted to see these needleminders made from vintage fabric, Elle of StitchSprout says in her description that the fabric is from Cath Kidston. Cath is a UK fashion and home furnishings designer known for her florals and vintage prints. She had series of chain stores since the 1990s but all have since shuttered leaving only the website. It is awesome that Elle has picked fabric with a rich history.

Also, the Cath Kidston prints also fit in with the theme at the StitchSprout shop which is “Botanical Flora & Fauna Cross Stitch Patterns & More!” The more being a few geeky and kitschy cross-stitch and needleminders. You’ll want to take a look. I still need to get the Magic Beans Cat Toes pattern! I also previously wrote a post on Elle’s patterns: Cicadas and More Entomology Cross-Stitch Patterns from StitchSprout if you want to check that out as well.

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