Needlepoint Wedding Kits by Designer The Princess and Me

Needlepoint designer The Princess and Me has quite a number of needlepoint wedding kits for that very special day!

The Princess and Me is a needlepoint designer who sells only to shops. Head over to their website to see what wedding canvases you might like. Then you will have to check their list of partnered shops on the Where to Buy tab. You might also check their list of trunk shows to see when and where they will have a sale. Any of the Princess and Me partner shops will be able to obtain your choice of canvas. I’m using as an example.

Also, they are not kits per se, but The Princess and Me offers stitch guides and fiber guides with their canvases. Then your needlepoint shop will typically give the option to add your choice of fibers like cotton, wool, or silk. And also gives you more options to add supplies if you need them.

Just a reminder to give your canvas plenty of time to arrive and plenty of time if you need it to go to a finisher. The pandemic has been especially hard on that part of the design flow.

Best wishes and happy stitches!

Head over to to purchase: First Dance by The Princess and Me

Congratulations! For more in weddings or other canvases, please head over to Needlepoint here or the main menu at the top of Frogging News.

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