Just CrossStitch Halloween 2021

It’s the middle of summer and you know what that means! Halloween! The Just CrossStitch Special Halloween 2021 edition is here.

Fall is just around the corner, but don’t be scared be prepared! Annie’s has released their 2021 special collector’s issue of Just CrossStitch Halloween 2021 magazine.

“Toe of frog and eye of newt—stitch the monsters bright and cute! From spine-tingling to comically creepy designs, this special Halloween issue from Just CrossStitch has a full range of festive frights to fulfill your Halloween stitching. Discover the 50+ patterns from frame-worthy designs to fan-favorite ornaments that are sure to be more treats than tricks to stitch!”

Also, I’m pretty sure the Halloween special edition is not including with the subscription. FYI

Also, also, Just CrossStitch has had a couple of issues where they have designs for stitchable ort trays. Here is one from SewingTurtleBoutique on Etsy.

Just CrossStitch Halloween 2021

Check their popular past Halloween issues that are still available as PDFs.

For more treats, check out other Magazines for stitchers. Our links always take you directly to the original subscription page.

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