Long-Legged Birds Cross-Stitch Charts from Heart in Hand

Cecilia from Heart in Hand Needleart is surprised by the popularity of the long-legged birds in the Wee Ones cross-stitch collection.

“Of all the series I have done over the years, this series has been most surprising to me in its popularity. Who knew a long-legged bird would be so well loved?” That’s what Cecilia of Heart in Hand had to say in a recent Instagram post. (See below.) I love to hear about little anecdotes like this from needlework designers. Sure Cecilia has other bird designs, but with little embellishments and motifs these long-legged birds definitely stand out from the crowd 😉

In the series are:

  • Quilting Bird, Farmhouse Bird, Stitching Bird
  • Thanksgiving Bird, Easter Bird, Christmas Bird, Halloween Bird, 4th of July Bird, St. Patrick Bird, Valentine Bird
  • Autumn Bird, Summer Bird, Spring Bird, Winter Bird

Remember Heart in Hand Needleart sells only charts or kits, no PDFs. Check your local needlework shop or Etsy to purchase. I’m partial to Anabella’s Shop on Etsy. And if you’re on Instagram, let Cecilia know which one is your favorite!

The early bird catches the worm, so feel free head to the top of Frogging News and select Cross-Stitch to catch some more patterns, inspiration, and information.

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