All About 14 Count Plastic Canvas from Sirithre

Check out this awesome tutorial on 14-count plastic canvas from designer Gina Coleman aka Sirithre.

Sirithre, shortened to Siri here and there on the internet, has been designing cross-stitch for a long time. She does work based on video games, pop culture, and fantasy. Siri started out as a streamer on Twitch, and is prominent community member on Pixel Stitch and Discord helping newer stitchers. Her blog is Sirious Stitches.

Gina also has two books Undertale Cross-Stitch Book and Stardew Valley Cross-Stitch Guide. Both are video games that I’m happy to say I’ve played. These were collaborative efforts with the site Fangamer. The Stardew Valley book is very popular and has sold out but a restock is in the works.

In a recent blog post titled Plastic Canvas and Cross Stitch : 12+ Things You Can Make With It!, Siri does a deep dive on working with plastic canvas with a focus on 14-count. She talks about number of threads, cutting, backing, where to buy, stitch types, finishing and what to make with the design.

Siri is prolific on social media in the cross-stitch community. Make sure to check our her Patreon to support her efforts! She can also be found at:

You might also like this YouTube tutorial. And yes, she is an elf. I’m more of a dwarf myself 🙂

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