Flower and Birthday Frogs in Cross-Stitch

It is Wednesday my dudes, but these Flower and Birthday Frogs from BellewHoopsNStitches still seem a little grumpy.

Flower and Birthday Frog Cross-Stitch Patterns – BellewHoopsNStitches

Look at these Puddle-shaped frogs with big, square eyes who are a little on the grumpy side. They are from Claire’s shop BellewHoopsNStitches on Etsy. I’m not sure I’ve had a whole shop be Wednesday’s Frog before probably because there’s not been one with an army! Yes, that’s right a group of frogs in called an army.

Claire has many more frogs who are way less grumpy. Check out her shop for more frog cross-stitch patterns at BellewHoopsNStitches:

  • Mushroom Frog
  • Frog and a Strawberry
  • Frog in a Teacup
  • Beach Frog (with a flamingo pool floatie)
  • Magician Frog

Wednesday’s Frog is about finding stitch happiness even if you have to rip out your work. Frogging is still stitching, so don’t let it get you down. Rippet!

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