2021 Cross-Stitch Events Hosted by Needleworker’s Delight

Needleworker’s Delight is hosting four events this year in 2021 including a new summer retreat.

Needleworker’s Delight is a needlework shop based in New Jersey and hosts cross-stitch retreats and fests every year. Their most well-known event is probably Christmas in Williamsburg, but with many not able to make it there during the busy holidays the shop added Summer in Williamsburg to their list.

  1. Summer Getaway NeedleFest 2021
    • July 29th – August 1st
    • The Radnor Hotel
    • St. Davids (King of Prussia), PA
    • Registration link
  2. Needle Arts Festival Summer in Williamsburg
  3. New Jersey NeedleFest 2021
  4. Needle Arts Festival Christmas in Williamsburg

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