The Frog Princess Cross-Stitch Kit by Owlforest Embroidery

Today’s Wednesday Frog is The Frog Princess, yes Princess, a cross-stitch kit by Russian designer Owlforest Embroidery.

The Frog Princess by Owlforest Embroidery

“In the Russian versions of the story, Prince Ivan and his two older brothers shoot arrows in different directions to find brides. The other brothers’ arrows land in the houses of the daughters of an aristocrat and a wealthy merchant, respectively. Ivan’s arrow lands in the mouth of a frog in a swamp, who turns into a princess at night. The Frog Princess, named Vasilisa the Wise, is a beautiful, intelligent, friendly, skilled young woman, who was forced to spend 3 years in a frog’s skin for disobeying Koschei. Her final test may be to dance at the king’s banquet. The Frog Princess sheds her skin, and the prince then burns it, to her dismay. Had the prince been patient, the Frog Princess would have been freed but instead he loses her. He then sets out to find her again and meets with Baba Yaga, whom he impresses with his spirit, asking why she has not offered him hospitality. She tells him that Koschei is holding his bride captive and explains how to find the magic needle needed to rescue his bride.” – Via Wikipedia, but you can go to here for a pretty story version.

The cross-stitch kit details:
  • Zweigart Belfast/Murano (depends on the article), 32 ct
  • Hand dyed cotton floss
  • Needle for embroidery №26
  • Coloured symbol printed chart
  • Additional printed chart divided into fragments
  • Needle minder
  • Stitches 136 x 176
  • Floss colors 8

Head to their website for more details or check out their Instagram post.

Wednesday’s Frog is about finding stitch happiness even if you have to rip out your work. Frogging is still stitching. Rippet!

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