Stitch Up Your Own Retro Kicks with these Needlework Shoes from Vans

Vans has brought back a line of shoes that were popular in the ’70s and ’80s called the Needlework Anaheim Factory Collection.

Vans Needlework Skulls
Vans Needlework Checkerboard
Vans Needlework Floral

As you would expect these Vans shoes are made from canvas, but it’s canvas with a looser weave so that you can stitch on them! It’s more like a needlepoint canvas but good for any stitch style like cross-stitch or embroidery for that floral pair. There are only the three styles, but I think a blank pair would be a great addition.

Check out the Vans website where they have apparel and other shoes from the same Needlework Anaheim Factory Collection. These are are already stitched or simply printed as such.

If these don’t suit your style, head over to Etsy where you can find lots of options for fully-finished embroidered Vans!

These shoes were made for stitching! For more fun ideas, you can always head to Needlepoint or any of the other stitch categories via the main menu at the top of Frogging News.

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