The Difference Between Punch Needle Embroidery and Rug Punching from the Experts

Let’s follow along with experts to find out the difference between punch needle embroidery and punch needle rug hooking with Amy at The Woolery, Vonna Pfeiffer The Twisted Stitcher, and Micah of Punch Needle World.

Here at Frogging News, we cover punch needle embroidery since it’s more in line with our other needlework topics of cross-stitch, embroidery, needlepoint, etc. But since ‘punch needle’ is used as a blanket term, it’s helpful for us to be all on the same page 🙂

Types of Punch Needle Explained – The Woolery

First up is this informational video from Amy at The Woolery. I looked at a lot of punch needle 101 style-videos, and I found this one to be the best. It is relatively short and to-the-point. Amy covers types of fabric, fiber, tools and the succinct differences between punch needle embroidery, rug punching, and rug hooking. This article however will only look more into the first two.

  • A great point from Amy’s video is that punch needle embroidery uses weaver’s cloth because it has nylon in it. This helps to keep the fabric from ripping while needle punching.
  • The Woolery is based out of Kentucky and is a great source for purchasing lots of different fiber art projects and tools that you don’t find in other needlework shops.

Further info on Punch Needle Embroidery – Vonna The Twisted Stitcher

Vonna The Twisted Stitcher is a big name in the cross-stitch community mostly known for her multitude of finishing tutorials. After having retired from the corporate world, Vonna went to work at a quilt shop. On her YouTube channel, she shares all of the different kinds of fiber and textile work that she does in a series called Cave Tales.

Further info on Punch Needle Rug Punching – Micah Punch Needle World

Punch Needle World is an online resource dedicated to only rug punching. They have supplier lists, instructional videos, and an online classes. Micah is all about the Oxford Punch Needle. In fact, she is a certified Oxford Punch Needle instructor.

  • Rug punching deals with broader fibers like yarn for making large textile pieces like rugs, coats, pillows, but they also have small patterns that can be used in embroidery. See Punch Needle World for their free patterns.
  • A great resource I found was Punch Needle World’s Instagram account where Micah is prolific in answering questions and giving great tips and tricks.

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