Fat Quarter Shop to Launch a Newsletter Just for Cross-Stitch

Not really surprising considering the success of their Flosstube channel – popular online quilt store Fat Quarter Shop will launch a newsletter dedicated just to cross-stitch.

Fat Quarter Shop’s first cross-stitch newsletter will come out June 22, 2021. You can sign up on their website fatquartershop.com/cross-stitch-newsletter.

Traditionally a quilt supply store, Fat Quarter Shop was founded in 2003 by Kimberly Jolly. The shop started sharing quilting tips and how-to’s on YouTube in 2013 which became quite popular in it’s own right. In approximately 2019 Fat Quarter Shop typically hosted by Kimberly started, started streaming about cross-stitch.

For a YouTube crafting/sewing channel, the streaming views they were getting were pretty incredible. They were easily hitting into the thousands with several of the highest coming with quests like Priscilla and Chelsea from Stitching with the Housewives and Lori Holt. With a couple dozen streaming Flosstubes under her belt, Kimberly moved the cross-stitch videos to it’s own channel. Kimberly and crew would also dual stream on Facebook!

As the stitching community is such a positive one, I like to read the comments. And it impressed upon me how many viewers of the channel would say how they were inspired to start cross-stitching again or start at all. It was because of the popularity of Fat Quarter Shop’s success and Kimberly as a Stitch Influencer that their channels grow, but so does our community as a whole 🙂

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