Get Your Stitch Swag from meSTITCHulous

It started with a planner to keep stitchers organized and energized. Now she has created stitch swag to keep us inspired. And it’s all from Kristen Green at meSTITCHulous.

We recently wrote about the meSTITCHulous planner – Get Stitch Done Planner – which really encapsulates more than a typical planner. Kristen calls it a tool. Go read all about it.

Now after her signature product has launched, Kristen has moved on to keeping us inspired and in-style with her Stitcher Swag Shop! Like she says in her Instagram Reel, people asked a lot about the shirt she was wearing which was something Kristen created on a personal level. But after so many comments, she decided to add stitcher swag to her line. And what a cool idea! Aunt Kelley ordered a hoodie and a t-shirt.

Take a look at the Reel below or head immediately to the meSTITCHulous website and get your swag on with these truth bombs:

  • Floss Daily
  • Knot Today Satan
  • Get Stitch Done
  • and more…

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