Daisy and Tulip Punch Needle Patterns from Lisa Berberette

Here are a couple of sweet, spring patterns of daisies and tulips in punch needle from Lisa Berberette on Etsy.

Lisa has some wonderful punch needle patterns for the different seasons. The backgrounds for these spring flower patterns are a bright turquoise but can be changed to match the colors of your home. Her listing says these are both 4”W x 4”H in size and that the pattern can be used for rug hooking or embroidery too.

Lisa is mostly known as thepumpkinlady on the socials because she is a professional pumpkin carver! Check out her website for pumpkin stuff. Lisa might as well also be called thecatlady too because she is a kitten rescuer and has her own herd of cats. You can see more on her Instagram.

For more flower power, you can always head to the top of Frogging News Blogazine and select Punch Needle from the main menu. Then look for Shop Patterns or whatever else springs your way.

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