Ad Astra Stitching Company Makes Science and Nature Needlepoint Canvases

Ad Astra Stitching Company has landed with a focus on creating science and nature needlepoint canvases and all that is stellar. There is also pie.

Stellar Clutch Painted Canvas from Ad Astra Stitching Company

This little, family-based business is a space between worlds. “We are dedicated to spreading knowledge about science, nature, and sustainability through the creative and relaxing outlet of needlepoint. Our high-quality, hand-painted designs are inspired by the world in which we live, our universe, and our place as stewards of the environment.” The company also works to sustainable and recyclable products.

I think it’s cool and unusual for a needlepoint design company focus on science and universe canvases. They also want their designs to have an educational aspect. You can check out their About Us page to see more about who they are and where they get their inspiration from. Each family member has a position in the company including a top notch quality assurance team 😉

For more out of this world canvases, you can always head to the top of Frogging News and select Needlepoint from the main menu. Then look for Shop Painted Canvas.

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