Dollhouse Sized Tiered Trays

Having a little fun with the idea of these dollhouse sized tiered trays and accessories.

I don’t think there are ‘smalls’ small enough to fit on these 😉 I just liked the idea these tiny tiered trays could adorn our people sized ones. Or since there is needlepoint for dollhouses, maybe there are ‘smalls’ that can fit!

You can find dollhouse tiered trays with accessories, just accessories, or just the miniature tier tray itself. So make sure to check the shop’s inventory, or look at the drop-down box to see what options are available from the seller. Also take a look at the scale. Some are 1:6 while others are 1:12 in scale.

That was such a small sampling. For more ideas, you can head to Stitching Style or Gifts for Stitchers here on Frogging News Blogazine.

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