Illuminated Embroidery Art by Night Embroidery

Shir and Itamar of Night Embroidery tells us the romantic story of traditional embroidery joining hands with modern materials for an illuminating future.

“Of all the variety of embroideries with lights, it allows you to choose the style that fits your own story, or the story of someone special in your life.”

There are also several stories being told here as well. It starts with Itamar and Shir a Berlin couple that traveled the world for 10 years learning local crafts. They were inspired by how common embroidery was and how it told the story of different cultures. And now it inspires their designs.

Night Embroidery has taken traditional embroidery and lit it up. Each completed piece has a small string of lights poking through the fabric that could be stars in the night sky, fireflies in a jar, or Pacman ghosts… Their pieces also don’t use batteries instead relying on a USB port which includes phone chargers.

On all of their social sites, Shir and Itamar speak very adamantly about how important earth-friendliness is to them. It is everywhere in their designs, finished products, as well as packaging. Their 3D printed embroidery hoop and stand are a bio-plastic made from corn. And “Each purchase gives back and helps plant a tree.”

These illuminated embroidery pieces are sold as finished products not kits. They do sell some their embroidery patterns in a digital format.

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Modern Embroidery Art With Lights – Desert Camping by Etsy shop Night Embroidery

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