Cicadas and More Entomology Cross-Stitch Patterns from StitchSprout

With Brood X cicadas emerging after 17 years, Elle of StitchSpout is celebrating “these little alien weirdos” with a cross-stitch pattern.

The Brood X cicadas has everyone all abuzz since they only emerge from the ground every 17 years. Apparently they live in the soil tunneling around and not just sleeping the whole time. When they do finally emerge and because there are so many, they provide a boost in nutrition for lots of wildlife and fertilize the forest floor with their their exoskeletons. According to Vox anyway.

I guess there is something to celebrate after all. So put away that bug spray and stitch this White Blossom Cicada cross-stitch pattern by Elle at SproutStitch. Just like real cicadas, it is harmless and a relaxing part of nature with the white blossom flowers. In fact, there are more flying insect with florals on her Etsy shop. There is a beautiful Luna Moth, Deaths Head Hawkmoth, Tiger Moth, and several butterflies. You can also follow StitchSprout on Instagram.

White Blossom Cicada – Modern Cross Stitch Pattern – PDF by StitchSprout

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