Help The Royal School of Needlework Launch Stitch Bank by Adopting a Stitch

The Royal School of Needlework wants to launch a website stitch directory called RSN Stitch Bank, but they need your help. Become a Stitch Sponsor by adopting a stitch!

Image belongs to Royal School of Needlework

Click here to donate to RSN Stitch Bank Adopt a Stitch Campaign

“Stitches from history have been lost because they fall out of use. Then, when an older embroidered piece is discovered, curators and museum staff cannot recognise the stitches. Textiles and the knowledge of stitches throughout the world continue to be threatened by wars and other disturbances, as well as changes in manufacturing processes. The time has come to compile a world directory of stitch – the RSN Stitch Bank.”

The Stitch Bank isn’t available yet as it’s still being developed. With initial funding, the team of creators have set up web infrastructure and “…begin to create text, illustrations, photographs and videos for an initial selection of core stitches.” Additionally, they have also created a taxonomy of stitches. Yikes, I bet that was difficult!

RSN hopes to launch the website July of 2021 with 500 core stitches mostly of Western embroidery, but this is where they are asking for your help. While you can donate any amount, to become a Stitch Sponsor you have to pay for a whole stitch. It costs £135/$191 and £228/$322 to archive individual stitches. Head to their website to read about costs of stitch conservation efforts.

For more info, Fiber Talk recently did an interview with the team leaders of this project: Dr. Susan Kay-Williams, RSN Chief Executive, and Jacqui McDonald, RSN Tutor and Stitch Bank Developer.

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