Stitch These 4th of July Patriotic Patterns from

Get ready for 4th of July stitching with these USA patriotic patterns from

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Image from

It’s that time of year again. The US 4th of July Independence Day celebration. It’s really more of a whole summer event when it comes to decorating and celebrating with Memorial Day kind of it kicking off and Veteran’s Day wrapping it up as we head into fall.

I love seasonal décor with patriotic Americana being up there almost rivaling Halloween for me. If you’re looking for something new to stitch, try They have a lot of seasonal patterns in plastic canvas, and you can also get plastic canvas sheets and shapes from them.

The owl patterns are my favorites, and they must be popular because has the owls in pretty much every seasonal category lol. They also have bookmarks, tissue box covers, placemats, eagles, butterflies, and welcome signs.

Get cracking with more patterns by heading to the top of Frogging News then select Plastic Canvas from the main menu. Then look for Shop Patterns.

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