A Collection of Cross-Stitch Bookmark Patterns from Rogue Stitchery

Rogue Stitchery has one of the largest collections of cross-stitch bookmark patterns I’ve seen, and they’re super cute.

Karyn of Rogue Stitchery has some cute patterns and quilt block patterns too! They have a spiffy new website where you can order custom trim for your bookmark and a custom phrase that they will turn into a kit for you. Nice!


Cross Stitch Pattern Colored Row of Bookmarks by Rogue Stitchery

Maybe you’re a digital reader and don’t need a bookmark? Rogue Stitchery also has a good collection of cross-stitch patterns celebrating your love of books that you can frame.

Cross Stitch Pattern of Weekend Forecast – for book lovers and avid readers by Rogue Stitchery

For some more light reading, you can always head to the top of Frogging News and select Cross-Stitch in the main menu. Then search for Shop Patterns.

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