A Beautiful Wednesday Frog from Paraffle Embroidery

It is Wednesday my dudes. This time it’s a beautiful frog design created by Paraffle Embroidery.

Paraffle Embroidery was created by Sammy Bishop of England. “… Sammy came across ‘paraffle’: an old Scots word meaning 1) ’embroidery’; and 2) ‘an ostentatious display’ – and the name stuck.” I love the name and the designs which mostly feature animals and plants.

I immediately wanted to call this design work contemporary or bohemian, but after thinking a bit it really reminds me of crewel work from both England and India. There is a general outline filled in with simple embroidery stitches of varying shapes. In her work, Sammy tends to use paisley as a grounding motif. When looking into this I came across a great article by BBC Style: Paisley: The story of a classic bohemian print. “Paisley’s journey from its origins in Persia to hippy chic and contemporary fashion, via a Scottish textiles town.”

Paraffle Embroidery sells patterns and kits from their website, but they also have an Etsy shop, linked below, if you’d rather purchase there.

Where to find Paraffle Embroidery:

It’s Wednesday my dudes. Wednesday’s Frog is here to give frogs a better reputation. Embrace the Frog for Frog is there when you need them.

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