Tiered Tray Roundup Made From Gorgeous Resin

Another Etsy tiered tray roundup, but instead of metal or wood these are made from gorgeous resin!

Aunt Kelley learns toward farmhouse and rustic vibes, but I wanted to also find needlework displays for those that have modern styles or younger generations of stitchers that aren’t into vintage decorating 😉

Tiered trays are popular right now for stitchers to display their needlework of smalls, standups, flat folds, etc. When doing the last roundup, Etsy suggested these beautiful resin designs to me. It’s great that makers have varied design styles just like stitchers and their immense range of patterns.

There are many more than what I can list here. Do go take a look on Etsy for more resin tiered trays.

Take care to notice what country your favorite tiered tray is shipping from.

Half white half gold leaf 3 tier stand from BravaArtStudio

Big plate 9 1/2 “
middle plate 7 1/2 “
small plate 5 1/2 “

Pink Cupcake Stand from EncantoResin

Visit EncantoResin for many more styles of tiered trays.

no dimension listed

Gold and white three tiered tray resin from ForeverRosesByShazia

Top tier – 15cm/6inch
Middle tier – 20cm/8inch
Bottom tier – 25cm/10inch
Total height (when assembled)- Approximately 38cm/15inch

Three tiers trays resin from CrafticalEngineer

Three circle trays mixed colors.
Available in silver and gold handles.

Floral Three-Tiered Tray from NorasNookShop

no dimensions listed

Sold out…

Resin tray, 3 tier tray, Emerald stand from GLITZResinArt

bottom tray : 25 cm diameter
centre tray : 20 cm diameter
top tray: 15 cm diameter

Shop closed…

Beautiful! For more décor and displays ideas head to Stitching Style or via the homepage.

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