Architectural Thread Painting Courses From Charles and Elin Academy

Visit beautiful cityscapes across the world and paint them with threads following instruction from the Charles and Elin Academy.

From a hidden courtyard in Paris to the Golden Gate Bridge and a botanical garden in Amsterdam, these are just a few of the places Elin and Charles will take you and teach you to stitch their various architectures. From soft, curved plant life to the hard angles of buildings with color, shadow, light, and depth.

Courses offered by Charles and Elin Academy:

  • Architectural Hand Embroidery
  • Architectural Thread Painting
  • Monthly Pattern Program
  • Clothing Embroidery
  • Create Your Own Designs
  • French Knot Realism

I wondered why they have Architectural Hand Embroidery and Thread Painting listed separately, but they explain it on the course description: “This course is created as the perfect complement (but works also great independently) to the Architectural hand embroidery course, as it expands on how to effectively cover surfaces with thread.” I see this as a good indicator of answering a question before it’s even asked. A positive thing from an instructor!

They also say it’s more than just learning about how to accomplish one particular pattern. It’s best to learn why you want to do stitches a certain way as well as how. They want you to leave with having learned skills and techniques for futures patterns. Speaking of which, Charles and Elin Academy also offers patterns for sale for beginner, intermediate, and advanced stitchers. So make to see what else they have to offer.

At the top of the page of courses, Charles and Elin believe that learning should be fun and accessible. And as such, I appreciate that they openly list the course prices on their website which seemed were reasonably priced!

They actually have quite a lot of videos on YouTube.

Charles Henry and Elin Petronella are also the authors of a book: Mindful Embroidery

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