Meticulous Stitchers Meet Kristen Green of MeStitchulous and Get Stitch Done!

Meet Kristen Green a coach and curator of stitching resources and founder of the Get Stitch Done Planner. And she’s here to help stitchers and shops be MeStitchulous!

The Get Stitch Done Planner 2021 – Monday Start by Kristen Green at MeStitchulous

Kristen or KG on Insta (see below) started on that app to cheer other stitchers on when she got frustrated and lacked motivation with her own multitude of projects. After doing that for awhile, KG “… realized that I wanted to create a one stop shop with tools and resources to help others on their stitching journey.” With that holistic view, KG started a website to provide tools, inspiration, and resources to stitchers and shops. There is certainly a lot of hobby stitchers that start selling their own designs or other products at some point. KG’s coaching and support ideas aren’t new or unusual in other fields, but they are in the realm of needlework! On her website, the first signature product is The Get Stitch Done Planner. Keep reading for more info and to see what else KG is up to 🙂

The Get Stitch Done Planner is most unusual, I think, because it’s not specialized. There are certainly plenty of planners out there especially for cross-stitch, but this one is broad enough for just about any category of needlework. The Planner has a Sunday start or a Monday start. It would be a Monday start for me just because I would use this for business and keep personal projects for the weekends. Just look at what it features:

  • 274 pages
  • Weeks Start with Monday 
  • 2021 Vision Planning & Stitch Goals 
  • Year-at-a-Glance 
  • Monthly Calendar Overview
  • Weekly Dated Calendar & Plan 
  • Gratitude Corners
  • Project Idea Section
  • 52 Project Planning Pages w/ Sketch Section
  • Contact List
  • Hashtag List
  • My Wish List
  • Friends & Family Interests Section
  • Important Dates/Holidays 
  • Lined & Dotted Notes Section

I love the idea of the Friends & Family Interests. I’ve got several stitchy gifts floating around in my head to make this year. And yes to a Hashtag List. It would be great for Stitch-A-Longs (SALs).

KG usually shares a weekly goal list on Instagram and recently this long-term one. She has some exciting things coming up for the stitch community, but I was also inspired to create one for my own future on Frogging News!

Go say hi. She’s very nice I promise!

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