Say Hello to Rip the Frog! A Free Cross-Stitch Pattern from Pix Stitch

Wednesday’s Frog is a free cross-stitch pattern of Rip the Frog who is the mascot over at Pix Stitch a stitchy charity streamer.

I can’t even with how adorable this is. Rip is a Twitch emote and mascot of Pix Stitch a cross-stitch community on Twitch founded by Justin Freeman. They do a lot of fundraising for charity but also “… dedicated to creating the most epic cross stitch patterns… ever.”

Look at Rip’s little face. He’s just trying to give frogs a better reputation! Whenever you’re frogging you’re work, think of Rip 😉 🐸 You can print or download the PDF pattern of little Rip via Linktree (see below) from Pix Stitch. Rip is 73 by 64 stitches.

Pix Stitch links:

Rippit real good! Wednesday’s Frog is a celebration of frogging. Embrace the Frog! The stitchy frog anyway…

Want more frogs in your life? Go to Wednesday’s Frog.

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