Punch Needle Embroidery Patterns of Houseplants and Living Room Coziness

Suter Design & Co. offers these punch needle embroidery patterns of cozy living room scenes and houseplants with a pet or two.

Fenny of Suter Design & Co. makes patterns that captures life’s cozy moments, “… that include a cat, stacks of books, and snuggle worthy blankets and chairs.” Her punch needle embroidery patterns use the delicate but tough fibers of embroidery floss using the Ultra Punch Needle. This smaller design work makes it great for those little details. And her punch needle process typically uses stitches like running and satin instead of the loops of rug making.

For embroidery inspiration, take a look at Suter’s shop where she sells finished embroidery art of tropical beaches with plenty of vegetation and a calm lagoon. The plants are a combination of different lengths, stitches, and colors. Some of her artwork is finished in shadowboxes or jewelry.

You can find more of Fenny of Suter Design on their website or Instagram.

Jungalow Cat Embroidery Pattern PDF by Suter Design & Co.

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