Hand-painted Needlepoint Designs for Mature Audiences from Crude Canvases

I expect subversion from cross-stitch but needlepoint? Oh my word! Crude Canvases is the name of this NSFW Etsy shop.

I think I might be a Bitch – Hand painted needlepoint canvas by Crude Canvases on Etsy

Rude, crude and socially unacceptable but kind of delightful too. Needlepoint does really have subversive canvases, but I usually only see a couple or so from a designer or shop. Introducing Crude Canvases where that’s ALL they do. The canvas above is one of their more subdued designs. I highly recommended seeing all that they have to offer. It’s worth a chuckle. Some content, like female artforms, are hidden behind a Sensitive Content warning for Extra Crude. Just fyi.

Make sure to read through the Instagram post embedded below. I like how they are open and honest about what their designs are about. For instance: “We don’t want people to look at these designs and only think of profanity, disgust, or shock value. We want you to think of how these emotions can change or alter a person’s perception of how they live and think.” – Crude Canvases

See more of their painted canvases on Etsy or Instagram.

Oh! For more enticing designs, you can always head to the top of Frogging News Blogazine and select Needlepoint. Then look for Shop Painted Canvases.

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