Stitch Your Own Vaccinated Needlepoint Canvas Badge

Got your Fauci Ouchie? Proudly display your vaccination status with this hand-painted needlepoint badge!

Laura of G. Banks Needlepoint on Etsy paints these small canvas once you put your order in. These will require your own stitching and self-finishing, so hopefully you have something in your supply basket. The finished design is 3″ by 1″ so perfect for a badge!

From the description:

  • Hand painted Needlepoint Canvas
  • Canvas size: 4×6
  • Painted Art: 3×1
  • 18pt canvas
  • this will just be the painted canvas, unstitched

Laura says her canvases are inspired by her life in Baltimore. And it’s most certain the coronavirus has been the center of everyone’s lives for a good year or so. May this simple, quick stitch be a symbol of the beginning of the end!

PRE-ORDER Vaccinated Needlepoint Canvas—self finishing from G. Banks Needlepoint

I hope this post finds you well, and to find more healthy canvases you can always head to the top of Frogging News Blogazine and select Needlepoint from the menu.

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