Free Needlepoint Tutorials on YouTube From The Naked Canvas

The Naked Canvas is a UK maker of contemporary needlepoint tapestry kits, and now they’re a YouTube superstar!

Well ok, they only have three videos so far, but they’re still a superstar✨ in my book. We don’t get much in the way of needlepoint on YouTube. Not like cross-stitch or embroidery anyway. Cross-stitch even has its own nickname of Flosstube. What would we call needlepoint: tapestry-tube? Hmm…

Their first tutorial is a simple half-cross which puts a vertical stitch on the back. This is what they recommend for their kits. The second video is a cute one on making a small cushion, and there’s wine involved 😉 The third video is how to cast on and off of a needlepoint canvas. I hope they continue to make tutorials and perhaps inspire more needlepointers to come to YouTube.

The Naked Canvas is based in Kent which apparently the Garden of England. Sounds nice! Their kits contain English wool with canvases printed in England as well but ship internationally. They say their kits are contemporary and quirky but fun and easy for any skill level.

For more tapestry superstars, you can always head to the top of Frogging News and select Needlepoint from the menu and have a look around.

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