Journaling with Cross-Stitch Smalls

Michelle G. of Bendy Stitchy Designs has a great idea for cross-stitch smalls. Journaling! See what they look like on her Flosstube flip-thru.

The first one is a junk journal style from Kelly Bell on YouTube and is full of scrapbook designs and embellishments but has lots of places for adding personal projects. Michelle’s second journal is actually an artist’s sketch pad with black paper. It’s 11″ by 14″ so it’s big enough for more than just smalls! She finishes up by showing her oldest and fullest journal.

I love this idea especially as someone who struggles to fully finish a cross-stitch project. I am looking into getting a 12″ by 12″ scrapbook album. Some have top loading vinyl pages. It would be great to find an album with black pages like Michelle’s artist sketchbook.

Michelle G. of Bendy Stitchy is a cross-stitch designer. If you haven’t heard of her already, check her out on YouTube. She sells her designs in local needlework shops and her website or Etsy.

Great idea! For more finishing inspiration, head to the Cross-Stitch menu item at the top of Frogging News then search for Finishing Ideas.

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