Beginner Embroidery PDF: Stitches and How Many Strands

Sandra from Needless Designs on Etsy has a PDF pattern and tutorial for you to learn not only embroidery stitches but also what the numbers of strands will look like.

Learn 14 beginner embroidery stitches from Sandra at NeedlessDesigns on Etsy. Then when you’re ready make sure to check out Sandra’s embroidery designs in her shop. There is a lot of pretty stuff there including seasonal. She is in Canada, so everything at Needless is available as PDF.

From the description:

  • This is a digital PDF embroidery pattern that will teach you 14 beginner embroidery stitches that are very commonly used in the art of embroidery.
  • Once done, you can keep the piece as a reference guide for your future embroidery projects. 🙂
  • PDF comes with photo guides and detailed steps to guide you in the right direction.
  • Project teaches a variety of different beginner friendly embroidery stitches and their common uses. Perfect for those looking to learn embroidery!
  • List of materials
  • Tips on how to transfer pattern
  • Both normal and mirrored versions of pattern
  • Explanation of each stitch and when to use them (with examples)
  • Stitching legend and photo guides to follow

Sandra points out that once you’re done with this practice piece you can keep it as a reference. I think this is a great idea not only for beginners, but also intermediate or even advanced stitchers. Mostly because of how she includes how many strands are in each stitch to give us a visual on what it will look like. Neat!

Purchase on Etsy: Learn 14 Beginner Embroidery Stitches – PDF Embroidery Pattern & Tutorial by Needless Designs

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