The Pixels That Made Us Cross-Stitch SAL by Pix Stitch

Justin Freeman of Pix Stitch not only wants to create epic cross-stitch designs but with the worldwide community and all for charity. Epic indeed!

“We’re proud to announce that early sign up is now open for our SAL, The Pixels That Made Us! Pix Stitch is proud to offer this SAL for free with proof of donation made to Child’s Play; an organization where Gamers Give Back.” Well early signup was in February. Aunt Kelley is late to the party, but it’s not too late for you to join because this great SAL will be going on for 20 weeks!

Justin Freeman is a Twitch streamer and creator of Pix Stitch and designer of The Pixels That Made Us SAL. He’s been cross-stitching since he was 9-years-old, and his Insta says this SAL was inspired by a piece he started at 11. The SAL will spell out the word G A M E R with each letter dedicated to a different gaming platform and started with NES.

Facebook seems to be the best place for info on Pix Stitch, but here are all the links anyway 😉

Epic! To find this post again, you can always head to the Cross-Stitch menu item at the top of Frogging News. Then scroll down to Latest Posts.

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