See This #StitchHack for Stitching on Plastic Canvas from LamaCrossStitch

LamaCrossStitch from Instagram has a great tip for stitching blocks of color on plastic canvas.

Take a look at the video below. I think this is a great stitching tip for several reasons. You can do faster stitching this way because she is using both hands. Since she pushes the needle through from top to bottom, this helps prevent the thread from getting twisted. Like when you have to let you needle and thread dangle for a moment and let itself untwist. That may be more of a thing for those of us who cut off longer strands of thread tho 😂

Kate Byrkova of LamaCrossStitch is a pattern designer and plastic canvas artist. We previously wrote about Kate for her 3D designs in plastic canvas:

Check out more designs on her Etsy shop LamaCrossStitch!

Neat! To find this #stitchhack again, you can always head to the Plastic Canvas or Cross-Stitch menu items at the top of Frogging News Blogazine. Then look for Stitch Tutorials.

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