Free Cross-Stitch Books and Magazines Through Your Library with the Libby App

Check out this great tip from Amanda Mae from Ardith Design. Get free access to cross-stitch books and magazines if your library works with the Libby app.

We’ve had the Libby app by Overdrive for several years now. We read or listen to audiobooks through it, but it hadn’t occurred to me to check out needlework related publications until I saw Amanda Mae’s recent Flosstube video. Sure enough I saw CrossStitcher, The World of Cross Stitching, Cross Stitch Favourites, Ultimate Cross Stitch, and several seasonal editions. And books Cross-Stitch to Calm, Feminist Cross-Stitch, Lit Stitch, Feminist Stitches and Retro Style Cross Stitch.

You can download Libby through the App Store or Google Play depending if you have Apple or Android devices. But you can also just use it through your browser at Oh and the app itself is free. Nice!

Just remember you do need a library card. Not all libraries are partnered with Libby from Overdrive, so make sure to check with your library first.

Thanks Amanda Mae for this great tip!

What a great resource! If you need to find this post again, you can always head to the Cross-Stitch menu item at the top of Frogging News Blogazine. Then look for Free Patterns.

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