Witchy Toad Enamel Needle Minder by The Moody Mystic Co

Mixing things up a bit with a frog/toad needle minder instead of a pattern. This little guy is by TheMoodyMysticCo on Etsy.

It’s another Wednesday’s Frog (toads are also acceptable). This adorable witchy frog/toad is adorable. This shop has lots of other stitchy, witchy needle minders, so be sure and check them out at TheMoodyMysticCo!

From the description:

“All Moody Mystic Minders come with 2 free stickers and a handwritten fortune! Free shipping on all orders $35+ Moody Mystic Minders are made with extra-strength neodymium magnets, epoxy, and lots of love! Neodymium magnets are the strong and sensitive type, so be sure to handle with care.”

Adorable Witchy Toad Enamel Needle Minder ~* Anxious Magic Frog Magnet

Wednesday’s Frog is a celebration of frogging your work. Even to frog is to stitch.

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