Free Cross-Stitch Patterns from The Primitive Hare

Isobel of The Primitive Hare is a prolific cross-stitch designer who also has been sharing free patterns on her blog since 2011!

I love Isobel’s design aesthetic. It’s certainly that primitive style but leans more towards the unusual but not quite macabre. Her designs harken back to older times with respect to the Victorian age, but also ancient times and the holidays they celebrated. Isobel has a lot of witchy and Halloween style designs but many are broad enough that they can stay out all year long.

On The Primitive Hare blog, there are a lot of cross-stitch freebies that celebrate the changing of the seasons, equinox, solstices, and others like this one: “Hello sisters! Halloween is here!!! It’s MY season! The season of the witch, the season of ancient souls…. and the ancient name of this celebration was SAMHAIN. And this is my freebie, from me to you with magic and love :)”

Also, be sure to notice all of the interesting fabrics Isobel uses on her patterns. She makes most of those! You can find her cross-stitch fabric, thread keeps, pins, and FOBs on her Etsy shop. The Primitive Hare ships out of Italy, but many online shops in the US carry her products. See KittenStitcher or Sassy Jacks Stitchery.


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