2021 Stitch-Con is On!

See the latest updates, announcements, and who will be attending Stitch-Con 2021 in Ohio!

May 3rd update: They have re-opened the waitlist and announced the Flosstubers who will be attending!

Previous updates:

Update from the website: “After cancelling 2020’s event, we’ve been given the green light by both the Convention Center & Govenor DeWine to move forward with Stitch-Con 2021.”

Unfortunately the show is sold out. The rest of us should get to see enough Flosstube videos and hashtags to follow along. No list yet on who the Flosstubers will be. See Stitch-Con.com or Keepsakes website for more info.

Fledgling cross-stitch convention Stitch-Con was about to have its third year when the pandemic came crashing down and the show was cancelled for 2020. Barbara Hils and hubby Joe Dial are owners of Keepsakes a needlework shop in Ohio. Barbara who spearheaded the con has announced on Flosstube dates for 2021:

  • Stitch-Con 2021 A – JUNE 10th – JUNE 13th, 2021
  • Stitch-Con 2021 B – JUNE 17th – JUNE 20th, 2021

See Barbara’s video and description for more details. It is on JustKeepStitchin’ Pam & Steph’s channel. They and Nicole of @BuckeyeStitcher are on the planning committee for the con, so follow them or the Stitch-Con website for more.

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