Monogram Your Own Bespoke Needlepoint Slippers From Lycette Designs

Palm Beach needlepoint shop Lycette Designs has teamed up with Stubbs and Wootton to create custom needlepoint slippers.

Photo by Chris Salata/CAPEHART Taken on Monday, March 9, 2020. Copyright Capehart Photography 2020

Isn’t that a beautiful shop! Needlepoint slippers are not a new thing, but the partnership between these two Palm Beach companies make it easy to get your own pair. I love the idea, and a lot of other people do too because according to their Instagram they quickly sold out of the first set.

From Lycette Designs website: “Welcome to the beginning of a special partnership between two Palm Beach Brands: Stubbs & Wootton and Lycette Designs. Hundreds of hours of planning, painting, stitching, and hand-finishing samples went into this collaboration and thousands more will follow right behind in the coming months. We will continually evolve and build on this foundation: new patterns, new options, improved ordering technology/configurability, and even new styles of bespoke needlepoint slippers, sandals, and mules.”

There may be some sticker shock for the finishing. Just keep in mind you get a handpainted canvas, and the completed slipper is handmade as well.


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